Terms & Conditions

2.1 In order to process your request, we will require the documents listed below. If you wish to request through email, you may attach the completed documents and email to medicalrecord@bagan.com.my

  • Completed Release Form (must include signature of the patient as proof of consent and authorization)
  • Photocopy ID of patient (NRIC or Passport)
  • Photocopy ID of requestor (NRIC or Passport), if the requestor is not the patient
  • Where applicable: Formal Application Letter – i.e. Query Letter / Claim Form from Insurance Company, Lawyer Letter, SOCSO form, etc. (you may download from the web)

2.2 Standard Medical Reports and Insurance Claims should be ready for collection 2-4 weeks from the time all required documents and payment is received. There are cases where requests may take longer than the stipulated completion period. Causes of delays in prompt processing include:

  • Unavailability of doctors (e.g. away on leave)
  • Patients having upcoming clinic appointments
  • Patients are still admitted/hospitalized
  • Patients have multiple reports requested from several doctors
  • Doctor’s limited no. of sessions at Bagan Specialist Centre Sdn Bhd (49466-V) (e.g. only two sessions per week)
  • Doctors are visiting doctors without clinic sessions at Bagan Specialist Centre Sdn Bhd (49466-V)

Specialist Medical Reports and Workmen Compensation cases may require longer processing time (approximately 30 working days) as a review at the Specialist Outpatient Clinic may be required after the patient has been discharged or an open date given from clinic review.

Requests for investigation reports will be completed in 3-5 working days from receipt of request

If collecting on behalf of the requestor, an authorization letter signed by the patient is required